A good rest team, our best partner

A good rest team, our best partner

A healthy life is based on a balanced diet, physical exercise and quality rest. These pillars will help us to face our day to day with the fullness of energy.

A good rest will have clear benefits on practically all our organism since during the nights our body performs the “maintenance tasks” because during the same many regenerative processes are developed in our organism.

That we have a good rest will be supported on the mattress that we have. A good mattress will be the one that allows our bones, muscles, and joints to rest perfectly, avoiding pressure points that hinder rest and cause muscular discomfort. As for our spine, it has to stay in its natural position while we sleep. There are several requirements that have to have a mattress to guarantee us the perfect rest:

  • Adaptation and support capacity: Each body is a world. Therefore, a mattress must be adapted to each person and not the other way around. When we lie down in it, we have to feel the firmness or softness necessary for each one of us.
  • Allergy repellent: 30% of the world population has some type of allergy. A mattress should avoid the factors that cause allergies that can affect the quality of our sleep.
  • Height: our mattress has to be 15 centimeters taller than us. In the case of couples, the height of the highest person must be taken as a reference.
  • Width: A mattress has to have the right dimensions according to the number of individuals that sleep in it. The personal space of rest is the one that every person needs to rest without interrupting their sleep. When it is a single person, the rest equipment must be 90 centimeters wide. If it is a couple, it must have a minimum width of 1.5 meters.

Many companies are very aware of the rest of the people. Therefore, we have a wide variety of mattresses that will adapt to your preferences. Visit our configurator and select the best option for your rest.

You can see information about mattresses at http://www.bestmattress-brand.org/brand-overview-bed-in-a-box-reviews/.

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