Different two types of mattresses material

Different two types of mattresses material



Hay is the author of many types of natural ingredients, which are used by colonizers for the use of synthetic materials, and from which we have other items. The most important thing is to get the child’s viscosity, because of the ambassadors or eloquent lamps.


It is the ideal material if you are looking for a soft and adaptable mattress. In addition, it is a good option if you sleep on your side or if you suffer from back pain, muscle or joint problems.

The memory foam or memory foam is a type of high-quality foam that reacts to body heat by adjusting to reduce pressure, producing a pleasant feeling of welcome.

They are mattresses that stand out for their excellent adaptability, being the best option for people suffering from muscle or bone pain. In addition, they absorb the movement very well, so they are ideal for double beds and for people who change their positions several times throughout the night.


These mattresses are ideal for hot people since they provide the best air ventilation. In addition, they are excellent for double beds, since the springs provide optimum bed independence that does not transmit movement, so if your partner moves, you will not notice.

They are serene of a system of springs enclosed with numerous layers of material that separate them and offer ease and diverse degrees of steadfastness, depending on the fabric of supposed layers. You can discover spring beds enclosed with latex as well as cotton and viscoelastic, adding adaptability and comfort. The price will depend on the number of springs and the quality of the materials that cover them.

There are several types of springs, but those that give better results and more are currently used are those of pocket springs. Each spring is protected inside a sheath that individualizes it. In this way, they adapt very well to the pressure exerted by each area of ​​your body, ensuring the care of your back and with the extra that avoid the typical noises when moving.

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